What is Omnichannel?

Omni channel retail means utilizing multiple sales channels to provide the customers with a seamless shopping experience if they're shopping online from a personal computer or mobile apparatus, by phone, or within a brick-and-mortar shop.

An Omnichannel approach means there's integration between supply, advertising and communication channels on the buttocks.

For example, a customer service representative interacting with a customer during a store can immediately reference the customer's previous purchases and preferences as easily as a customer service rep on the phone or a customer service web chat rep. Or the customer can use a personal computer to see inventory by the shop on the company's website, buy the item later with a smartphone or tablet, and pick it up at a selected location.

Progressing from multi-channel ecommerce to omni-channel retail.

For many retailers, particularly those with a high-street presence, the last few years have seen a conscious move towards omni-channel retail, which aims to merge all of their sales channels, both online and offline, and gain a single view of all customer activity. This provides customers with the same user experience, products and service, regardless of the sales channel or touch point through which they engage, rather than the distinctly disparate channels of a multichannel approach. It's even been seen in reverse with pure play online retailers now opening physical stores to take advantage of the combination of bricks and clicks.

Omnichannel Solutions

We help business brands in setting up an omnichannel retailing and marketing strategy through our eCommerce platform which allows brands to deliver a world-class omnichannel customer experience.

Omnichannel E-commerce Store

Using our omnichannel solutions, you can now build a B2C eCommerce store the way you want integrated inventory, product, order, payment gateway, delivery management features that enable you to offer a rich omnichannel experience for your customers.

Inventory Management

We are offering a streamlined inventory system that lets you maintain multiple products without clutter. All you have to do is upload your products in minutes and start selling right from day one. As and when you sell, the seamless inventory system updates the changes.

Order Management

Process orders and speed up delivery process by managing customers' orders from the backend. Your orders will be in sync with the inventory and hence you can keep on replenishing stocks as and when they are sold.

Instore Experience

Our omnichannel platform can fulfill any online order either from your brand’s eCommerce store or marketplaces by allocating it to the nearest retail store to seamlessly fulfil eCommerce orders.

B2B Customers Redefined

invite your wholesale and retail procurers to visit your exclusive B2B eCommerce portal and bestow them with login credentials so that they can create sales orders as and when they require. With custom pricing options you can specify different pricing for products sold on your B2B store.

vasyERP Omni-Channel Platform

From inventory to sales, you'll have everything that's needed to manage across all your selling platforms.

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  • Mobile Commerce

  • eCommerce Web App

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  • B2B Portal

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