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Best features that your retail business needs

  • Sales and Purchase Management

    Sales and Purchase Management

  • Smart POS system

    Smart POS & ERP Solutions

  • Offers & Discount Management

    Offers & Discount Management

  • Multiple Billing Counter

    Multiple Billing Counter

  • Payment Reminder & Notification

    Payment Reminder & Notification

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Multiple Payment Methods

  • Returns, Refunds and Store

    Returns, Refunds and Store

  • User Accounts and Permissions

    User Accounts and Permissions

  • Bulk Product Imports

    Bulk Product Imports

  • Stock Transfers

    Stock Transfers

  • Send Offers by SMS

    Send Offers by SMS

  • UPI Integration

    UPI Integration

  • Whatsapp Integration

    Whatsapp Integration

  • Loyalty and Membership Points

    Loyalty and Membership Points

  • GST Compliance Invoice & 150+ Reports

    GST Compliance Invoice & 150+ Reports

  • Mobile POS

    Mobile POS

  • Smart Cart

    Smart Cart

  • Self Kiosk

    Self Kiosk

  • Multi Chain Solutions

    Multi Chain Solutions

  • App for Physical Stock verification

    App for Physical Stock verification

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Retail Types

VasyERP provides a wide range of retail-specific POS software solutions for supermarkets and retailers from single outlets to over 100 retail chains.

Complete POS solution for your Supermarket & Retail Store

VasyERP, based in India designs and develops ERP & point of sale (POS) platform for manufacturing and retail industries in India and internationally. It provides solutions to manage Production, Inventory, Cloud-POS, Smart Retail, Omni channel ecommerce, Self - Checkout, Smart Cart, m-POS, Self-Ordering, Cloud Printing, Customer Loyalty, Memberships, Self-Kiosk, GST Returns, Accounting, Analytics and much more! It also provides third party POS hardware with additional enhancing solutions for additional fees.

Small and Medium Enterprise have always found themselves very starched out while finding a comprehensive Accounting, ERP and CRM solution provider that able to catch up with express growth. Due to high prices, the small and medium entrepreneurs can’t purchase ERP and cloud solutions which proved a big downfall in SME’s Sector.

VasyERP is empowering SMEs to tackle the capacity of ERP and POS without any compromising. VasyERP has developed a game changing business intelligence software where any Small & Medium entrepreneurs can utilize this solution in their business and witness aggressive expansion in their business.

In August 2021, VasyERP has been Acquired by Reliance Industries.


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