The retail business is experiencing a transformation driven by shopper expectations of convenience, responsiveness, and personalization over electronic and physical properties.

Collecting, unifying, and handling customer information across all these touch points are complicated. Information is siloed across the enterprise from sources and legacy systems of data range between surveys to in-store POS, CRM, and more.

Combining bodily in-store information from IoT with electronic customer information to construct 360-degree customer profiles helps retailers generate more personalized shopper encounters, participate in their loyal customer base and increase sales through timely and related promotions.

Smart Retail Solution

A contextual marketing platform to help you attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience

Present market scenario

In current scenario, traditional brick & mortar retailers are struggling and are asking themselves “How can we survive and provide the superior customer experience in a market where e-commerce businesses are thriving?” Traditional Retailers lack a solution that can engage and retain their customers. In the absence of any proven strategy, the quality of service has deteriorated.

vasyERP Smart Retail solution helps businesses analyze their corporate strategy and develop a full-fledged plan to attract customers to their store, connect them with products, and increase overall profitability.

Strong Retail Analytics

Ad Twist / Dwell Analysis Ad performance metrics and live time investigation focus on client interactions with promotions and products.

Camera Recognition

Together with the accuracy of Smart Retail's facial recognition -- be Alerted to famous shoplifters or even VIPs as they input a retail place using Smart Alerts.

Customer Count

Counting forms the base of business intelligence. Understanding how many clients input and out of shops is invaluable information and may be used to place different steps, such as gross revenue, right into perspective.

Customer Metrics

Customer Metrics catches what subscription and credit card swipes Overlook; each of the clients that didn't buy anything and more measured, qualitative information on people who did.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor secure Regions of your trunk or warehouse with unauthorized entrance detection or loitering. Be alerted to some intrusion or unauthorized parties in regions which are restricted or protected.

Queue Manager

Manage your retail Floor with comprehensive analytics which track POS channels and other regions. This information can activate alerts that inform internal teams of more than normal wait times to permit better support of your clients and decrease unnecessary lines.

Store Conversion

Store Conversion provides context to revenue amounts. Smart Retail's Shop conversion merchandise can correctly keep track of individuals who purchase and enter and people who don't.

Traffic Map

Traffic Map obviously defines how customers move about the assumptions. The system monitors where individuals Are spending some time and with which services or products that they come in touch.

Retail Challenges

  • Retaining customers

  • Understanding customer preferences

  • Customer feedback

  • Reaching the target audience

  • Analyzing purchase & product history

  • Strategic marketing plan